We believe the local church is the hope of this world, its salvation, and a part of God´s great plan. And so, we hope people may discover God´s wish of a personal relationship with us. This is why we have a great focus on our church during the curricular year, and we let the Word of God define the basic truths of our church´s identity, and its purpose.

Through a year at our Bible school, you will get a valuable experience in building a church with other voluntary team members, under the leadership of skilled leaders, through our compulsory internship.

It is mandatory with 2 hours of Internship per week(most students have 4 hours every other week), since there is no school on Fridays. This will happen outside school hours, and most likely on Sundays in one of the OKS campuses. 

Cooperation with the OKS Campuses

OKS Bibelskole works closely with the three campuses of OKS in and around Oslo. OKS was established in 1985 by Lillemor and Åge Åleskjær, and ever since, OKS has grown to be several campuses both nationally and internationally. We also have an elementary school, as well as a Bible school. Katrine & Thomas Åleskjær took over the pastorship, june 2013.  

In Norway, OKS has campuses at Romerike, at the center of Oslo, Groruddalen, Vennesla, Halden, Haugesund and Tromsø. In 2016 we started our first campus outside the borders of Norway, situated in Culiacan, Mexico.

Every year, OKS do big events, like BarneCamp, MissCity, and the Leadership Conference.

OKS Romerikskirken

Romerikskirken is the main campus of OKS. This campus has a lively child- and youth ministry, and two services every Sunday at 12 noon and 6:00 p.m.

Romerikskirken at 12 noon has a great family-focus, with a highly attractive activity-offer for kids between the age of 3 and 12. This event is parallel to the service. 

Romerikskirken at 6:00 p.m. is more of a young adult service with a higher level of energy and panach. It is aimed for young adults, students, as well as the youth generation.

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OKS Citykirken

Citykirken was initiated by Thomas Åleskjær. Its first service was in 2006. With a service every Sunday at Møllergata 40, nearby Youngstorget, with an activity offer for small children, this is an urban and modern church for people at the center of Oslo.  

Service every Sunday at 5 p.m.

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OKS Groruddalskirken

Trond Egil and Irene Lunde started the work by establishing an OKS campus at Groruddalen during fall, 2011. One year later they started to have house services every Sunday.

Groruddalskirken is smack dab in the middle of a unique area of Oslo, where 170 nations are represented! Groruddalskirken dreams about becoming a manifolded and colorful church. They want to see people from different religions and cultures encountering, getting to know Jesus Christ.

Groruddalskirken has a service every Sunday at Furuset at 12 noon.

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