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Practical information

The 2023/24 admissions opens 1st February. 



Trondheimsveien 50J, 2007 Kjeller (Skedsmo Kommune), approx. 20 min. by car, north of Oslo. Lillestrøm is the closest town.


School day

Annual teaching time is from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesdays the school day ends at 1:35 p.m.

You also have to add 2 hours of mandatory Internship per week, since there is no school on Fridays. This will happen outside school hours, and most likely look like 4 hours every other Sunday in one of the OKS churches. Read more about this on the "Internship" page.


A year at Bible School consist of trips, but some arrangements will also happen outside of regular school hours.

  • Trip to Strand Leirsted, Sandefjord (September)
  • OKS Leadership Conference (LK23)
  • Internship, 2 hours every week
  • Self study
  • Project trip, spring 2024


Our teaching is a combination of regular classroom teaching, group tasks, dialogue, and practical learning by participation in our church, and a variety of different projects.


Application deadline

 NB! 1st March, admission closes for a student visa (citizens of non-EU/EEC nations). By government rules concession is strict, allowing only 14  international students with student visa at our premises. Thereby, applicants situated in EU/EEC-nations are prioritized.

If you apply after 1st March and need a student visa, your application will not be considered. 


Demands and Expectations

Applicants must have finished high school or similar levels to be considered. We do not have an upper age limit. You need to understand and express yourself well in either Norwegian or English.

You must have a valid residence permit for the whole curricular year when the school starts in August.



It is possible to combine our school with a part-time job.

Notice: If you are an international student with a student visa, you are only allowed to work 20 hours a week, according to the UDI.



Our school has no student acommodation. Students are responsible to find a place to stay. The bible school office may know about a few places to stay, but in this there is no certainty.

School fee and economy

Our school fee is NOK 17.000,- + NOK 3500,- for the mandatory project trip. Altogether NOK 20.500,-

It is important to notice that the minimum cost of the mandatory project trip is NOK 3500,- , however, the price may increase depending on your destination.


For Norwegian citizens: If you have been offered a place, this gives you the right to apply for a student loan and a scholarship. To get more information, log on to

Primary, lower, and upper secondary school

Our church runs its own school for grade 1 – 10. SFO for grade 1. – 4.

Be aware of an early application deadline, and that some of the classes might be full.

Get in contact through their website or call +47 64 84 64 60.